Magnet schools are a sound investment

I had a great chuckle when I read the superintendent of Groton public schools comments in the The Day's article, "Magnet school cost raise some local concerns," (July 3), on magnet school tuition costs.

First, let me say that his comment about magnet school tuition not being cheap was incorrect. They are economically a sound investment. Spending between $2,200-$5,664 per student, compared to return on the tuition paid for public schools today at $15,000-plus appears to be a no-brainer. Second, he mentioned his and the Groton board's desire to take the IB program multi-school wide. This is a grave concern.

At the program's statistical rate of graduating approximately five to 10 students a year at a cost of $400,000-plus, truly not cheap, 350-400 students a year would fail to graduate at Fitch each June. Unlike the current magnet school's history in Groton, if operated in an educationally and fiscally sound manner, magnet schools are successful for all.

Do I trust in the current Groton educational leadership to run one effectively? No, no, no.

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