House fire in New London knocked down

New London firefighters extinguish a structure fire at 2 Boulevard Court in New London Monday, Dec. 5, 2011.
New London firefighters extinguish a structure fire at 2 Boulevard Court in New London Monday, Dec. 5, 2011.

New London - Firefighters have knocked down a fire at a house off Lower Boulevard.

The fire was reported around 10:15 p.m. at 2 Boulevard Court and was knocked down within about 10 minutes. Boulevard Court is a dead-end street near Lower Boulevard's intersection with Glenwood Avenue.

Firefighters arrived and found the front of the house in flames, according to Battalion Chief Marc Melanson. They found an occupant on the second floor; by the time firefighters brought her downstairs, she was able to walk out the front door because the fire had been extinguished, Melanson said.

The fire was confined to the front of the house but burned from the ground to the roof, Melanson said. No firefighters were injured.

Emergency medical technicians treated the woman, but she refused further treatment, Melanson said. Firefighters also rescued Rufus, the family dog, from the first floor of the house.

Melanson said the fire will be investigated, as all fires are.

"I won't comment on whether this was more unusual than any others," Melanson said. "I have called in two fire inspectors to determine the cause and origin."

The American Red Cross is at the scene providing the woman with clothing and food.

Mayor Daryl Finizio and Police Chief Margaret Ackley also received the fire call not long after Finizio was sworn in as the city's new mayor.

"I got here within a minute of the fire trucks," Finizio said. "I have nothing but praise for the job they did. They went in and brought the victim out. She was on the second floor. And they rescued her pet. Their response was swift and efficient."

Leslie Spence, who lives across the street, said she was on the porch of her home when she saw the flames and called 911. Her father called the people who lived next door to the house on fire.

Next-door neighbor Matt Perl said he tried to quell the flames with a garden hose before firefighters arrived.

Perl said the fact that the fire occurred when it did may have helped prevent a larger tragedy.

"A couple of hours later, everyone would have been asleep, and who knows what would have happened," Perl said.


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