Bereavement Support Group

Bereavement Support Group; Tuesday, April, 17, 2018

Tuesday  6:30 pm to

A Bereavement Support Group meets at 6:30PM the first and third Tuesday of the month in Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory Meeting Room.
The Support Group is a small group voluntarily sharing their experiences in going through bereavement and discussing helpful spiritual guidance.

The goal of our journey is to deal with new realities and find a new life that best fits us. Grief is normal and natural not a clinical depression or mental disorder. It is important in our journey to resolve our grief. Unresolved grief can affect us both mentally and physically.

Most common misinformation on grief that can hinder us from reaching our goal: Time heals. Only action within time heals. Some people wait 20-30 years to feel better. Grieve alone. Sad feelings should be hidden or experienced alone. Be strong. “Be strong for your family: don’t get emotional and cry.” Don’t feel bad. “Don’t feel bad his/her suffering is over.” Replace the Loss. Replace without grieving process: get on with life. Keep Busy. Get busy so you won’t have to think about the loss.

Recovery from a loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices: Recovery means feeling better Finding a new way of living, without the fear of being hurt again Being able to enjoy fond memories without having them turn painful Acknowledging that it is perfectly all right to feel sad from time to time To talk about those feelings no matter how those around you react

Recovery from a significant emotional loss is not an easy task. Taking the actions that lead to recovery will require your attention, open-mindedness willingness and courage. * “The Grief Recovery Method : Guide for Loss”

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