Carol King

Former Home and Garden blogger


Carol King

Carol King (N.N.S.*) is a former contributing editor at House & Garden and a freelance garden and lifestyle writer. Her work has appeared in Traditional Home and The New York Times, as well as many local publications.

Carol takes as her topics the classic themes of great literature, that is to say, Life, Death, Sex, and Rhododendrons. Carol lectures regularly about garden design and flower arranging and designs gardens throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

Carol is a Master Landscape Design Consultant and is the past chair of the Landscape Design Council of Connecticut and is a Master Gardener. She was voted one of People, Places and Plants’ top ten New England garden writers.

Carol lives and gardens with her husband, Rosarian and Rhododendron guy, Ted Platt. She can be contacted through her web site

(*No, Not the Singer)