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Erica Moser

Higher education and business    @Erica_Faith13
Phone: 860-701-4489

Erica Moser

Erica Moser was told, “newspapers are a dying industry,” when she began classes at Northeastern University in Boston in 2011.

She disagreed. And by then, Moser had already reached a decision on her future career thanks to her longtime love of writing and some inspiration from an online digital journalism class while in high school.

“From the time I was 10 I knew I wanted to write,” Moser said.

In addition to being a story teller and a deadline-oriented person who does well under pressure, Moser said she’s always thought of herself as a rational and grounded person. Journalism, in other words, fits in nicely with her obsession with “living as close as I could to an objective reality.”

 It’s also a rush, she said, being able to conduct an interview, digest the information and craft a readable story on deadline. Journalism offers reporters the opportunity to move from one subject to the next.

 “I can really do a lot - tell a human story, a data story or a government story. I’m not stuck in one thing. There is a lot of variety,” Moser said.

At Northeastern, Moser earned not only a journalism degree but was able to cultivate her reporting skills through a cooperative education program at the Boston Globe and an internship at State House News, along with work at the press office of former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Moser’s first job out of college was with Rhode Island Suburban Newspapers, writing for the Woonsocket Call and Pawtucket Times. She started with The Day in June and assigned a beat covering southeastern Connecticut business and Groton education.

Erica Moser covers Groton for The Day.

She could be researching the current economic condition of the region one day and working to explain how new state legislation might impact the Groton school system’s budget on the next.

She said the variety of the job keeps her interested.

When she is not out covering business openings, closings or deciphering high school test scores, Moser might be found inside a Day studio working on the weekly podcast called The Storyline. She is also contributing to a new podcast delving into some of the region’s unsolved cold case murders.

Moser lives in Groton, enjoys eating out in Mystic and spends time listening to podcasts like National Public Radio’s This American Life and Invisibilia.

“I’m inspired by NPR and sometimes amazed at the crazy stories. How did they get these stories and how did they get these people to talk?” she said.

Having grown up in a suburb of Philadelphia and residing in Boston while at school, Moser said she is still adapting to the smaller scale of southeastern Connecticut which she said is home to a refreshing, if not foreign, mix of political views. She is excited to learn more about the region’s rich maritime history.

Things you might not know about Moser: she pole-vaulted in high school, is often told she has exceptional posture and was a member of the chamber choir while at Northeastern. Mozart’s Requiem is a personal favorite and “makes me want to cry.”


By Erica Moser