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Greg Smith

New London    @SmittyDay
Phone: 860-701-4326

Greg Smith

Greg covers New London for The Day, keeping readers informed on city government, education, economic development and more. He started at the paper covering Groton about five years ago, and then took over the evening police beat.

An East Haddam native, Greg worked in landscape and construction for several years between graduating high school and attending the University of Connecticut.

When he started college, he wasn’t thinking about journalism.

His father, brother and sister are all teachers, and he figured he would get into teaching. After becoming involved with UConn’s student newspaper, the Daily Campus, Greg decided to double-major in journalism, along with English.

Greg covers New London for The Day.

What appealed to him, he said, was “the watchdog aspect of the newspaper, and kind of revealing things people don’t know.”

Greg went on to write for the Mystic River Press before spending more than a decade at the Norwich Bulletin. Part of what made him want to work at The Day was its independent ownership.

“I like meeting people, and you seem to meet new people all the time in this job,” Greg said of why he likes this field. He added, “There’s something about moving from story to story in different subjects all the time.”

Greg lives in Oakdale with his wife and two young children. When not working, he might be found at the Mystic Aquarium with his kids, or really anywhere that has animals.


By Greg Smith