Jessica Smith

Chief of Photography and Multimedia
Phone: 203-245-1877 x6115

Jessica Smith

Since January of 2010, Shore Publishing's Chief of Photography and Multimedia Jessica Smith has focused on maintaining strong community ties as the means to create a strong multimedia presence in the seven shoreline weeklies and on Previously a freelance photographer for Shore, Jessica was also one of the first interns to brink the initial online video library in the Summer of 2006.

A Connecticut transplant, Jessica is originally from Bayside–Queens, New York. There was no question photography was the way since the age of 16, hence why it is no surprise Jessica holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from SUNY New Paltz, a quaint university located on the Southeastern end of the Catskills.

Traveling, cooking, photoblogging and petting furry animals are some of her favorite things.