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Jacinta Meyers

Night City Editor    @jacameyers    @jacameyers
Phone: 860-701-4341

Jacinta Meyers

Being the night editor at The Day means I have the honor of overseeing its award-winning newsroom five nights a week.

More than nine years as a journalist has taught me that a newsroom can be a pretty hectic operation at night. I dispatch reporters and photographers to breaking news incidents or, if I can't find someone to send, I go myself. On occasion I write other kinds of stories, too, including book reviews — especially of historical nonfiction, my specialty.

Otherwise, in a given night you can find me editing all local news and some wire copy, fact-checking and trying to make it as clean and clear as possible for our readers while maintaining the voice of the reporters. We follow Associated Press style and also have our own house style guide. If you've noticed things moving around on, I'm usually behind it, also often writing or tweaking online headlines.

Doubling as our photography editor, I work with our staff photographers, editing the captions and often choosing which photos to run with stories. Recently, we developed a new way to boost traffic to our photo galleries.

In addition to that, I'll leap in just about wherever I'm needed: paginating, proofreading, occasional graphic design. I even sometimes take photos. With our former Editorial Page Editor Paul Choiniere, I produced near-weekly editorial cartoons, called SunDay Cartoons (he came up with most of the ideas, I drew them), which you can find here: We even won some awards for them.

From spring 2018 to late summer 2021, I was the person primarily posting to The Day’s Facebook page, streamlining our process and boosting our audience engagement, before handing over the reins to our new audience engagement editor.

Outside of The Day — before the pandemic hit, anyway — you could often find me at one of the region's many parks, cafes or museums, and I have volunteered with various community organizations over the years. I love this area's history, rich ecology and maritime heritage.


By Jacinta Meyers