Steve Fagin

Nature blogger

Steve Fagin

Steve Fagin is a writer, editor and adventurer who has climbed mountains in Switzerland, Alaska, Nepal and Argentina; kayaked most of the major rivers in the Northeast as well as the 341-mile Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany; trekked with his son, Tom, the 273-mile Long Trail from the Vermont-Massachusetts border to Quebec as well as climbed all 67 of the peaks in New England that rise above 4,000 feet, and competed nine times as a qualified runner in the Boston Marathon.

Steve heats with wood, taps maple trees to make syrup over an open fire, grows vegetables and berries in an organic garden and makes pizza in an outdoor beehive oven.

In keeping a promise he made years ago to his buddy Rocky, with whom he once crossed Long Island Sound in an 8-foot rowboat at midnight, Steve has never owned an electric can-opener. Steve has chronicled his adventures in a number of publications, including The New York Times and Runnerís World magazine, as well as in The Day, where he served as a reporter, editor and outdoors columnist before accepting a buyout offer in 2002.

Steve continues to write and edit occasionally at the paper. Steve and his wife, Lisa, who once saved his life by shouting a warning to him about a charging grizzly bear, live in Ledyard.