Memorial Day weekend events

The Norwich Free Academy marching band color guard toss their flags as they march in the Norwich Area Veterans Council Memorial Day Parade last year. (Sean D. Elliot/The Day)

And so begins summer. With Memorial Day, the season officially kicks into gear, but the holiday is, of course, about much more than that. It's really about honoring those who died while serving America in the armed forces. A number of parades and vigils will do...




Rick's List — The Brits and Their Fairytales Edition

Well, the Royal Wedding is over. But while I was in England covering the event — with, I might add, nuanced analysis, concise historical context, a minimum of sycophancy and just the precise smidgen of saucy wit — I took...

We are the worst killers on the planet

Humans typically regard lions, tigers, bears, sharks and other powerful, sharp-toothed predators as the most brutally efficient carnivores atop the food chain, but for the best view of the creature most responsible for widespread slaughter, we need...