Deviant Donuts brings ingenious creations to Mystic

Freshly made doughnuts are displayed at Vault Coffee Roasters in Olde Mistick Village. (Dana Jensen/The Day)

The doughnuts beckon customers with their enchantingly deviant forms. Some are showered in a glittering sheen; others, smeared with chocolate ganache, are pinned with a pipette of kirsch on top. Oreo cookie bits and a swirl of malted-milk buttercream decorate another row.

Dim sum delights: Montville’s Golden Palace perfects the art of Chinese brunch

Pork-filled soup dumplings (Tim Martin/The Day)

For those who have never heard of dim sum (a variation of Chinese brunch and tapas), it’s truly a magical culinary experience. Getting to choose from nearly 100 different plates of dumplings (steamed, deep fried, baked), rice rolls, noodles, soups and desserts (most of which are priced under...





Rick's List — The Brits and Their Fairytales Edition

Well, the Royal Wedding is over. But while I was in England covering the event — with, I might add, nuanced analysis, concise historical context, a minimum of sycophancy and just the precise smidgen of saucy wit — I took...

We are the worst killers on the planet

Humans typically regard lions, tigers, bears, sharks and other powerful, sharp-toothed predators as the most brutally efficient carnivores atop the food chain, but for the best view of the creature most responsible for widespread slaughter, we need...