Review: Shawn Mendes fragile and soulful on self-titled CD

Shawn Mendes performs

Music Review: Shawn Mendes is introspective, fragile and yearning on his 14-track self-titled third album

Stephen Malkmus had his groove denied. He was upset for about five minutes.

Stephen Malkmus in his Portland, Ore., home with Magic, his family's puppy (Photo by Jason Quigley for The Washington Post)

One night last November, an unexpected opening act popped up at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon: Stephen Malkmus.

Choreographing the unexpected: "Serenade" is part of Eastern Connecticut Ballet performance

Eastern Connecticut Balllet's Spring Showcase (Thomas Giroir)

One of George Balanchine’s great ballets, “Serenade,” grew organically out of a lesson in stage technique. When unplanned things happened — when a student showed up late, when another dancer fell — Balanchine chose to work the incidents into his...

Songwriter Avi Jacobs brings autobiographical tunes to the Knick

Avi Jacob (

Providence-based singer-songwriter Avi Jacobs brings his autobiographical tunes to the Knick for a show tonight.

Coast Guard Dixieland Band entertains Sunday in NL

The Coast Guard Dixieland Band, from left, Robert Langslet, Mark McCormick, Robert Holtorff, Nathan Lassell, Cedric Mayfield, Thomas Brown and Sean Nelson (Contributed)

Time for a Dixieland music quiz! 1. The best version of "Tailgate Ramble" is by: A. Kid Ory B. The United States Coast Guard Dixieland Band C. Sidney Bechet 2. It's arguable that the father of Dixieland is cornetist Buddy Bolden. Most of his early gigs took...

Cale Dodd, George Shingleton play Wolf Den shows

George Shingleton (Contributed)

Time, man: It's relentless. Remember when the PR folks came up with the radio phrase "Young Country" to differentiate then-new Nashville artists from Willie and the Ol' Possum and Merle and the like? Well, now the "Young Country" artists are approaching codger-ness, and even the...

Montville rapper King.KJ plays "Live Lunch Break"

King KJ (Submitted)

Hip hop comes to "Live Lunch Break" at noon today when King.KJ performs in New London's Telegraph Records Shop. A Montville resident, King.KJ has the sort of mellow but earnest and sincere flow associated with folks like Phife Dawg or Talib Kweli, delivered over heartbeat rhythms and...

Music tip: Beach House's "7"

Dream-pop band Beach House recently release their seventh album, “7,” and the results are a doorway into an escapist, introspective world of synthesizers and revolving basslines. If you aren’t familiar with the two-person band from Baltimore, they have often been compared to...

'The Voice' finale: How Brynn Cartelli's win could be a game-changer for the show

Brynn Cartelli, winner of

Cartelli's voice is wildly impressive for a 15-year-old, not to mention her poise and confidence on stage.

Philip Roth, fearless and celebrated author, dies at 85

In this March 22, 1993 file photo, American author Philip Roth is seen during an interview promoting his new book

Philip Roth, the prize-winning novelist celebrated as a fearless narrator of sex, death, assimilation and fate, died Tuesday night at age 85




Rick's List — The Brits and Their Fairytales Edition

Well, the Royal Wedding is over. But while I was in England covering the event — with, I might add, nuanced analysis, concise historical context, a minimum of sycophancy and just the precise smidgen of saucy wit — I took...

We are the worst killers on the planet

Humans typically regard lions, tigers, bears, sharks and other powerful, sharp-toothed predators as the most brutally efficient carnivores atop the food chain, but for the best view of the creature most responsible for widespread slaughter, we need...