Retool sex offender registry to reflect real risks

The next legislature should make a priority of registry reform. Victims, experts, law enforcement and those left with the task of helping registered offenders when they can't get homes or jobs all...

Passport to our parks

Thanks to a new program, all Connecticut drivers will be able to enter their state parks without paying a parking fee.

The challenge of fixing tax burden on cities

The legislature has shirked its responsibility to provide funding to make up for the property tax revenues lost to the cities, which are home to the bulk of these nonprofit agencies.

2018 Citizen of the Year: Louis Ziegler

Louis Ziegler is not unique in eastern Connecticut for his deep roots or even his commitment to staying on in his hometown. What makes him the Citizen of the Year is that he wishes for, and works...

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Widespread child medicating parallels growth in school shootings

Over the years The Day has provided accurate and sensitive reporting of school shooting tragedies. However, it shares with the rest of American media a glaring failure to cite the concurrence of these nightmares occurring in the direct...

Provide motivation to keep guns out of criminal hands

To stop these horrendous school shootings as soon as possible, I suggest the following solution that should avoid all objections by either side (more guns /less guns) and thus can be enacted quickly:  1) Every gun would require...

Thiessen got it wrong on Iran payment deal

Marc A. Thiessen's opinion piece on, "Dem hysteria," (May 17), cites a viral...

This is a human problem, not a gun problem

What is the cost of a life? A bushel of corn; a parcel of land? Is there a monetary value assigned to a life? The madness continues; our children are again slaughtered. Lawmakers firmly believe it is a trigger mechanism, a plastic stock, that is...

Send all Republicans packing next November

Since Trump’s election, Connecticut Republican politicians have been largely silent, following along in conformity and compliance, asserting that what happens in D.C. doesn’t matter here. They now have shown their true colors by the...

Come to New London June 9, share stories on high drug costs

President Trump was right when he said drug companies were getting away with murder, but sadly, his May 11 speech on what the government intends to do about high drug prices shows that he and his administration are still in bed with the drug...

Time to erect fences around our schools

The school shootings keep coming. The suspects who carry out the killings may have mental illness, be motivated by jealousy, or maybe they have been bullied. It may not sound good, but the only way to help protect our schools...

Questioning indemnity tied to Derby trips

CMEEC should have entered a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Maybe they could have won back the $1.2 million they blew. There has been no effort to recover the funds. Scott Pruitt, our EPA maven, could ride the horse. He is the extreme...

Bozrah should follow Ledyard's lead on ambulance service

Recently there was an article, “Ledyard to replace volunteer squad with...

Montville reader upset with councilors' conduct

Montville Republican town councilors lack professionalism, tact, and diplomacy. Perhaps Jeff Rogers and Tom McNally have forgotten who they serve. They work for all of the taxpayers, not only the far-right Republican ones. While they...

Despite our differences, strive to remain united

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Abraham Lincoln, 1858). I am writing to ask that we all work to lessen divisiveness and to deepen acceptance of difference. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute...

Trump deserves praise for improving America

All I ever see or hear is someone or some media outlet putting down our president. It never stops. He is our president. He is going to be our president for another six years. How do I know that? It is because he is what the people want for this...



Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Trump is proving to be the most fearlessly pro-life president in history

Many of the same people expressing outrage that Trump would dehumanize vicious gang members have no problem dehumanizing innocent, unborn children.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Gambling on sports is a bad bet

Those players who make less than astronomical salaries might be tempted by gamblers to perform at sub-par levels in exchange for payments.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

It's been amateur hour on China negotiations

The president's trade agenda is deeply confused, which enables cacophony and cattiness among members of his administration.


$1.2 million for nothing? My brain hurts

After Novartis discovered almost immediately that Cohen had not the slightest idea how the Trump administration might approach health-care policy.

The 'Netanyahu Moment' and prospects of war

If last week's news conference about the files obtained from Iran is any indicator, Netanyahu is spoiling for a fight.


'Pink House' author says it's time for a new ending to eminent domain story

If the two people at polar opposite ends of the fight in Kelo v. New London can come together, anything is possible.

NFL needs black players; they should resist anthem rule

This new policy clearly signals white control of black players' bodies and rights to kneel in peaceful protest against police brutality.

To cut drug prices, start with the facts, and don't blame drugmakers

This isn't to say that patients aren't paying high prices for drugs. They are. But drug makers aren't at fault. Middlemen, like pharmacy benefit managers and insurers, are the ones raising prices on consumers.