Growing corporate power threatens America's strength -- its middle class

Capitalism is the best economic driver the world has ever witnessed. But the tendency for it to accumulate power in fewer hands must be checked by the political process.

New London puts equal treatment of all residents in writing — again

Agree or disagree with the need for the resolution, the saving grace is that the matter is closed, with no more need for people to pick sides over this highly emotional issue.

Move away from cruel border policy that takes kids from parents

Sticking by this policy could prove to be a major political miscalculation by the Trump White House.

More dark clouds over 2016 election

The nation could well be headed for a constitutional crisis, with yet another report feeding conspiracy theories and undermining public confidence in U.S. institutions.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Airport-security procedures needed for our schools

All over the country weapons are entering our schools for the purpose of mass shootings. The time has come for single point access with a resource officer in view of all students entering our schools. I think it’s time to look at all...

Why take decorations that bring enjoyment to a New London neighborhood?

Good people can make mistakes. Thirty years ago on June 7 my wife and I bought our home on Willetts Avenue in New London. Over these 30 years we've had a great time decorating our little corner of New London for all the different...

'We can only be human together'

In his letter, “What if Gazans had crossed the border?” (June 9), Harry Leiser charges Rev. Steve Jungkeit with “the...

Shameful cartoon mockery on eve of summit

North Korea is the most dangerous regime in the world today. They have developed a ballistic missile that could likely hit anywhere in the U.S. They may soon be able to add a nuclear warhead. Several past U.S. administrations have threatened to...

Cuomo should show courage of convictions

I read the article, ”Judge blocks deportation of pizza worker ordered out...

Nation needs a 'healthy, respectful debate' on gun control

Is there any feeling more unbearable than helplessness? Perhaps only seeing that feeling reflected on the faces of our country’s youth. Like so many others in our country, those faces have led me to reject impotence in favor of action and...

Reader grows tired of Trump bashing by The Day

Boy, you guys at The Day "news" paper can't stop with your propaganda. Article after article of anti-Trump baloney shows just how biased your paper is. You have long given up on pretending to report or comment fairly on anything that comes from...

Hypocrites in the pews, leader in White House

President Trump's victory over evil was truly a historic miracle bolstered by the support and answered prayers of devoted Christians. We are blessed with a strong, fearless leader backing campaign promises to pro-life voters with decisive action...

Enders Island's mission shouldn't be attacked

Enders Island holds a very special place in my heart. It goes back to 1971-72, when I was a Novice and discerning a call to religious life. While I discovered that was not meant to be, I may have left Enders, but Enders never left...

Humane and legal treatment for immigrants in NL

My relatives fled persecution and violence in 1939. The United States did not allow them to enter the country. They returned to Germany and perished in the ovens of the government-run death camps along with millions of others. In 2018 men, women...

Too much Gold Star Bridge bump-bump

I always welcome the results of maintenance and resurfacing projects like the one currently in progress on the southbound side of the Gold Star Bridge. The paving is very smooth. However, every time I cross going southbound and hit the five...

Boat industry boosted by Formica tax initiative

The employees of the Marine Trades Industry of Connecticut would like to say acknowledge Senator Paul Formica, R-East Lyme, for his leadership role in enacting the bill to get sales tax on boat sales in Connecticut rolled back to 2.99 percent.



Columnist Chris Powell

Toot-tooting back to the future

The New Haven to Springfiled line is thrilling as it shows that state government still can do something more than pay pensions to its employees, do something of potentially general benefit.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Clinton email recklessness: It was worse than we knew

The overlooked bombshell of the report is the inspector general's confirmation that classified information contained in Clinton's emails was in fact compromised by foreign intelligence services.

Columnist Richard Cohen

The shadow across the picture

The outcry against the policy is such that it cannot last. It has been denounced by leading Republicans, most notably former first lady Laura Bush.


Republicans who rightly criticized Obama are silent on Trump, and he's worse

When it comes to foreign affairs - when it comes to everything, really - Trump is weighed down by inexperience, bedeviled by vanity and hobbled by impulsiveness. He's a celebrity playing at president.

Don't dismiss the Trump-Kim summit too quickly

There may be a method to Trump's madness. There is at least reason to hope for a successful arms-control and broader detente process.


Don't ignore safety when evaluting affordable housing plan in Old Lyme

Our frustration is that the developer and proponents of this project have chosen to dismiss worthy and competing issues, including health and safety.

'Turn away from fear and hate'

It is time to think of the children and turn away from fear and hate and negotiate a better future for the children of Palestine and the children of Israel.

Israeli soldiers have shown great restraint

Even those Palestinians who are unarmed know they are being used to shield armed terrorists, making them complicit in the violence.