Move away from cruel border policy that takes kids from parents

Sticking by this policy could prove to be a major political miscalculation by the Trump White House.

More dark clouds over 2016 election

The nation could well be headed for a constitutional crisis, with yet another report feeding conspiracy theories and undermining public confidence in U.S. institutions.

Needed housing in Old Lyme

A concern about pedestrian traffic should not be a project stopper and, while busy with traffic, the area is not excessively so.

Less (waste) is more (savings) for New London

A proposal to switch New London's waste collection to a Pay-As-You-Throw system will go before the City Council Monday, and by the end of summer it could be in use. The idea is absolutely worth trying.

From here on out, make it a safe summer on our waters

While it’s important for all boaters to adhere to safety precautions while on the water, paddlers and those sailing very small sailboats should be especially diligent.

Trump gave too much, got too little in Korean talks

The approach taken in these talks far better served Kim than it did the interests of the United States.

Trump's trade tantrum won't benefit U.S.

The result of Trump's tariffs is likely to be higher consumer prices and a reduced ability of the United States to use its innovation to compete globally.

Coast Guard Academy needs to send the right message

Momentum is growing for more urgent attention to the climate in which a cadet can get the message, "you don't belong here. You don't fit in."

Community Concierge welcomes and is welcome

The true payoff from any local hiring surges will come to fruition only if the workers who relocate to this area discover a welcoming environment they feel comfortable calling home.

A smarter way to beat breast cancer

Good news and great medicine: Genetic testing shows that most breast cancer patients at intermediate risk of recurrence do not need chemotherapy.

Thank you for the gift. We need to talk.

A fee for services in lieu of taxes that municipalities could charge local private colleges and non-profit hospitals is an approach that should be gaining traction in cities across the state.

Norwich's education budget crisis needs broad solution

Addressing the budgetary shortfall for city schools calls for help beyond the borders of Norwich and the involvement of state lawmakers from the area, so far lacking.


Shameful cartoon mockery on eve of summit

North Korea is the most dangerous regime in the world today. They have developed a ballistic missile that could likely hit anywhere in the U.S.

Nation needs a 'healthy, respectful debate' on gun control

Is there any feeling more unbearable than helplessness? Perhaps only seeing that feeling reflected on the faces of our country’s youth.


Columnist Catherine Rampl

Trump's tariffs are already backfiring

This spring, laundry equipment prices skyrocketed 17 percent, the biggest increase on record. It's hard to see how higher prices expand shoppers'...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Weak environmental policies cost U.S. jobs

The U.S. fisheries, including those on the Gulf of Mexico, employ 1.6 million Americans and rack up $208 billion in annual sales.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Dismiss the empty rhetoric, there is no easy fix to state's problems

The first budget Malloy signed was $20.1 million, the last $20.9 million, hardly explosive government growth over an eight-year period.