Recent letter showed narrow vision on topic of protecting children

"Hypocrites in the pews and a leader in the White House" (June 18 letter)? Seems the only children who...

Chemical-free solution to killing weeds

I read with interest the article, “Former first selectman calls for...

Your help needed to keep 'Project O' serving students

I am the chairman of the Board for Project Oceanology. I would like to acknowledge your article, “Project O faces more than 75 percent cut in state funding,” (May...

America's dictator arising?

I often wondered how corrupt dictators came into power. I assumed the uneducated masses bought into their bull waste and voted accordingly. Well, now it has happened here, and apparently “The Art of the Deal” is “Do what I...

System is rigged to block Trump

Well, The Donald, as his ex-wife called Trump, seems to have a few faults: 1) he is a middle-class guy, who says what he thinks, which upsets Washington’s elites; 2) he is wealthier than nearly all of them, meaning he must be crooked to...

Charging higher premiums to those with health problems is only fair

Apparently U.S. Rep Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, does not understand that insurance is a business. That business is the spreading of risk over a group of policy holders. If some policy holders have conditions that put them at greater...

Gold Star Bridge joint problem worse

I travel the Gold Star Bridge six days weekly in both directions After the repair of the southbound section, the expansion joints are in worse shape than before the repair. I can’t believe that with today’s technologies...

The problem is Hamas, not Israel

The op-ed, “Reject today’s inhumanity, seek connections,” (June 4), by Rev. Jungkeit is full of distortions.

Trump elevates cruelty as a new national value

I never thought I would long for the day that I disagreed with an American president on mere policy. But The Donald has changed that. Every day brings a new outrage, with the fact that President Trump has told 3,000-plus verified lies since being...

Don't forget Trump's harsh, traumatic policy

What an outrageous, cruel, traumatic injustice to the families at our southern border seeking asylum. Separating children and their parents as they come here for protection, safety and shelter. Only President Trump would think to order this...

America has to be better than this

What happened to the Republican Party? It seems to have lost its morals! I’m not talking about President Trump’s morals, his decency is all too obvious. This administration has been separating thousands of children, some...

Sessions sends 'angels' to a cruel fate

It’s been said that the devil quotes Scripture for his own purpose. So apparently does our attorney general, Jeff Sessions. In defending the government’s harsh policy of seizing and separating — sometimes for months —...


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Another sign Yale affiliation is working well for Lawrence + Memeorial and community

Getting a deal signed and ratified early, in this case very early, avoids the pressure that can grow when an expiration date nears.

Energy diversity

The selection of several fuel-cell projects along with its commitment to offshore wind power show the state is wisely diversifying its energy stock.

A sign of progress from the Catholic Church

The church has taken to heart its promise to do better by the people who look to it for comfort.


Columnist Cal Thomas

The politics behind separation anxiety

With so many good signs that the country is on the right track with President Trump, Democrats and the major media have no other issue except the...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Candidate for governor has a plan, but not all the answers

Republican candidate David Stemerman says the next governor has to renegotiate state labor contracts, either the easy way or the hard way.

Columnist Chris Powell

Toot-tooting back to the future

The New Haven to Springfiled line is thrilling as it shows that state government still can do something more than pay pensions to its employees, do...