$1.2 million for nothing? My brain hurts

After Novartis discovered almost immediately that Cohen had not the slightest idea how the Trump administration might approach health-care policy.

The 'Netanyahu Moment' and prospects of war

If last week's news conference about the files obtained from Iran is any indicator, Netanyahu is spoiling for a fight.

Missing big story of Trump Cabinet chaos

One of the important things about the Donald Trump presidency is that it constantly challenges the capacity of journalism to tell the American people what's going on.

McCain unspools a self-help manual for America

McCain wants us to see America as he does: as an imperfect but also frequently unselfish promoter of democratic values, which goes into the world to help other nations win their freedom.

Broken political system darkens nation’s mood

The political mood (an anxious, belligerent frustration) is seeping into everything, disrupting moments and exchanges and activities that were formerly peaceful.

Trump's presidency changes dramatically if Democrats take Congress

If Democrats can take back the House and Senate that would mean they could try to reinstate the Robert Mueller investigation in some form if Trump does remove the special counsel.


'Pink House' author says it's time for a new ending to eminent domain story

If the two people at polar opposite ends of the fight in Kelo v. New London can come together, anything is possible.

NFL needs black players; they should resist anthem rule

This new policy clearly signals white control of black players' bodies and rights to kneel in peaceful protest against police brutality.

To cut drug prices, start with the facts, and don't blame drugmakers

This isn't to say that patients aren't paying high prices for drugs. They are. But drug makers aren't at fault. Middlemen, like pharmacy benefit managers and insurers, are the ones raising prices on consumers.

The sad tale of our Dark Knight

Sometimes its better not to say anything at all in the barber shop.

Teacher's dilemma: Should author's bad behavior ban the book?

As more male writers stand accused of inappropriate behavior, the question arises if they should stay on reading lists.

New London’s neighborly resolution not about ‘sanctuary’

A resolution before the council is intended to make people feel safer, not make New London a sanctuary city, writes the mayor.

Time to admit site choice for New London Coast Guard Museum is a mistake

One can hardly fathom a more unwelcome concept than a grotesque bridge and museum complex alongside historic Union Station.

Change system so presidential candidates seek all our votes

Joining the NPV compact solves the biggest problem that currently exists in our electoral system, i.e. that only votes in swing states matter.

After 13 years of living dangerously, Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez Soto remains detained by ICE

Detention has given a jailed reporter hours to reflect, and when he allows himself to think about a positive outcome, journalism as a profession remains in his thoughts.

Moral obligation to address climate change for future generations

In considering these offshore wind farms, policymakers must also consider their overarching moral obligation to their children to ensure a habitable world in the years to come.


Retool sex offender registry to reflect real risks

The next legislature should make a priority of registry reform. Victims, experts, law enforcement and those left with the task of helping registered...

Passport to our parks

Thanks to a new program, all Connecticut drivers will be able to enter their state parks without paying a parking fee.

The challenge of fixing tax burden on cities

The legislature has shirked its responsibility to provide funding to make up for the property tax revenues lost to the cities, which are home to the...


Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Trump is proving to be the most fearlessly pro-life president in history

Many of the same people expressing outrage that Trump would dehumanize vicious gang members have no problem dehumanizing innocent, unborn children.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Gambling on sports is a bad bet

Those players who make less than astronomical salaries might be tempted by gamblers to perform at sub-par levels in exchange for payments.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

It's been amateur hour on China negotiations

The president's trade agenda is deeply confused, which enables cacophony and cattiness among members of his administration.