Trump confronts the weakness of cruelty

Maybe this nightmare has awakened some Republicans to the fact that they can actually stand up to the president who has taken control of their party.

Republicans who rightly criticized Obama are silent on Trump, and he's worse

When it comes to foreign affairs - when it comes to everything, really - Trump is weighed down by inexperience, bedeviled by vanity and hobbled by impulsiveness. He's a celebrity playing at president.

Don't dismiss the Trump-Kim summit too quickly

There may be a method to Trump's madness. There is at least reason to hope for a successful arms-control and broader detente process.

Why Iran will choose to negotiate with Trump

The Trump administration's approach has a reasonable chance of succeeding with Iran, resulting in a better nuclear deal and normal relations.

Conservatives play wait and see through midterms

Trump’s popularity has ticked upward over the last six months — largely, pollsters think, because the economy is on a roll.

Mourning America: What my father, Ronald Reagan, would say today

He would be appalled at a Congress that refuses to stand up to a president who not only seems ignorant of the Constitution but mocks with contempt our system of checks and balances.


Don't ignore safety when evaluting affordable housing plan in Old Lyme

Our frustration is that the developer and proponents of this project have chosen to dismiss worthy and competing issues, including health and safety.

'Turn away from fear and hate'

It is time to think of the children and turn away from fear and hate and negotiate a better future for the children of Palestine and the children of Israel.

Israeli soldiers have shown great restraint

Even those Palestinians who are unarmed know they are being used to shield armed terrorists, making them complicit in the violence.

The small miracle of Armenia's 'velvet revolution'

Bands play in the streets, people spontaneously cheer their new leader, and the post-Soviet haze seems, for now, to have cleared.

Trump exposed as unprepared, weak negotiator

In Trump's approach democratic allies get treated like crap, and dictatorial regimes get put on a pedestal.

Rising to the defense of flushable wipes

Flushable wipes are the solution to wastewater operator concerns, not the cause. If all wipes flushed were flushable wipes, not baby wipes, clogs would not occur.

Coast Guard appreciates the strength of diversity and inclusion

We take all reports of discrimination seriously and are reaching out to the local chapter of the NAACP to confirm that incidents reported to them mirror those reported to the academy in accordance with Coast Guard policy.

Middle ground is the high ground: Independent governor could solve political gridlock

There is a real battle for the soul of this great state. Extremes on either side – left and right – threaten to pull us further from the solutions we need to reset and rebuild our economy.

The many ways 'pay as you throw' will benefit New London

New London is committed to making this program’s implementation and management successful and a benefit to every New London resident and business.

Provide Coast Guard Museum room to grow

Successful museums need to be able to grow and to take advantage of future acquisition opportunities not presently conceived.


Can Passero lead New London to that 'bright future' he sees coming?

There are many encouraging signs that New London is headed in the right direction, but taking any of it for granted would be a big mistake.

Growing corporate power threatens America's strength -- its middle class

Capitalism is the best economic driver the world has ever witnessed. But the tendency for it to accumulate power in fewer hands must be checked by...

New London puts equal treatment of all residents in writing — again

Agree or disagree with the need for the resolution, the saving grace is that the matter is closed, with no more need for people to pick sides over...


Columnist Chris Powell

Toot-tooting back to the future

The New Haven to Springfiled line is thrilling as it shows that state government still can do something more than pay pensions to its employees, do...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Clinton email recklessness: It was worse than we knew

The overlooked bombshell of the report is the inspector general's confirmation that classified information contained in Clinton's emails was in fact...

Columnist Richard Cohen

The shadow across the picture

The outcry against the policy is such that it cannot last. It has been denounced by leading Republicans, most notably former first lady Laura Bush.