Trump’s bad character drags down a nation

Trump is a character unlike others, and his character is unlike others. As a result, we’re destined to lurch from crisis to crisis, peril to peril, as long as he is president.

Policy trumps character for Trump backers

President Trump may not embody values that evangelical Christians cherish in themselves, but he has repeatedly vowed to protect their religious liberty.

Merkel leads Germany's military revival

If Germany wishes to achieve its ambitious regional and global leadership goals, it will need to enhance the ability of its armed forces, the Bundeswehr, to act abroad.


Judicial activism is the new dirty word

Criticize judges and our decisions if they reflect unfaithfulness to the law but not because you don’t like a particular outcome or you think criticism may resonate with the electorate.

Stop attacking public service workers

More to the point, what’s wrong with supporting labor unions? They are the best way for working people to reach and remain in the middle class.

Retract editorial that backed pot legalization

THC is a psychoactive drug, one with the potential for abuse and for some, addiction. Shame on us if we fail to heed the warnings.

Newsprint tariffs hit fragile newspaper industry

If these newsprint tariffs are made permanent in the coming months, it could lead some small local publishers to cut their print product entirely — or even shut their doors.

It's spring, time to take to the rail trails

A future where trails are at the heart of healthy, thriving communities is already being realized in places across the country.

The day hate showed up at Boston Marathon

I had three links to the Marathon bombing — family friends who were caught up in the blast, a shared history with the all-time record holder for Marathon wins, and 30 years of writing on terrorism.

Blumenthal sees 'seismic shift' on guns

During an interview in Washington, Sen. Richard Blumenthal talked about what he sees as a major change in attitudes about the need for more gun control and background checks.

Teacher strikes may be more powerful now than ever before

It's quite possible that striking teachers across the country represent the beginning of a trend in which the ordinary people who keep our education system and our economy running realize just how much power they have.

King's dream for the poor remained unanswered

The true Martin Luther King, not the King of the holiday, called for a radical redistribution of wealth and economic power in the country.

'Minor difficulties' enigma remains 55 years after Thresher tragedy

Sound monitoring provides a picture of the tragic sequence that led to the collapse of the submarine Thresher and deaths of its crewmembers.


A run for the ageless

Amby Burfoot runs the Boston Marathon 50 years after his victory.

How Barbara Bush will be remembered

People perceived her as real. She didn’t try to be something she was not.

Let Mueller finish the job

Buying the Mueller investigation time would be the primary benefit of the bipartisan bill currently blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch...


Columnist Cal Thomas

Is 'old-fashioned' returning?

Millennials would do well to consult their old-fashioned and long-married grandparents.

Columnist Richard Cohen

White men also deserve fair treatment

Once I was passed over for a newsroom position I very much wanted. "We needed a woman," an editor told me. I said nothing, although I seethed.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Fox News provides cover for Trump to fire Mueller

The nation turned against Nixon after he forced out the attorney general and his deputy who refused to get rid of the special prosecutor...