Edgerton School might be City Hall solution

In the matter concerning Edgerton School, I would like an opinion added to those of residents wanting it as a new police station. It's previously been stated that City Hall could use another building. Why not Edgerton School? The classrooms can be used as offices and file rooms. The gym could be used for council meetings, recreation department activities and such. There is room for parking. The hallways have public bathrooms. There would be little renovation, I think.

As for handicapped access, the side entrance door by the library could be used for the ground floor classrooms. The front door would be for the gym area. Use the back part with two floors, which are inaccessible, for file storage and archives, or make them accessible with special chairs that glide on the rails of the stairways.

Maybe the building, depending on space, can be split between City Hall and the police. Both would not be too far from downtown New London and residents would have easy access from Colman Street. Nearby businesses could benefit.

As an alumnus of Edgerton School and former resident of Cedar Grove Avenue, who grew up there, I wanted to comment. Part of me is forever there.
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