Republicans make inroads in New London

New London -- Democrats appear to have lost their majority on the City Council, based on unofficial results and before the absentee ballots are counted.

Ninety minutes after the polls closed it appears that the top seven vote-getters are Republicans Rob Pero (1,991) and Adam Sprecace (1,943); Green Party candidate John Russell (1,566); Democrats Michael Passero (1,534), Wade Hyslop (1,531) and Michael Buscetto III (1,316); and Republican Martin Olsen (1,311).

Councilor Margaret Curtin is currently in eighth place with 1,232 votes.
Counting of absentee ballots is underway.


(winners in bold; results unofficial)

(G=Green Party)

QUESTION 1: Shall the City of New London approve the resolution renewing for a five-year period the powers granted in the Connecticut City and Town Development Act, pursuant to CGS Sec. 7-480 et seq.?

Yes 1,275
No 1,264


Robert M. Pero (R) 2,207
Bruce F. Rinehart (R) 1,243
John W. Russell, Jr. (R/G) 1,638
Martin T. Olsen, Jr. (R) 1,390
Andrew R. Lockwood (R) 887
Adam Sprecace (R) 2,067
Mark Anthony Battista (R) 899
Wade A. Hyslop, Jr. (D) 1,616
Mark W. Matson (D) 1,078
Michael E. Passero (D) 1,618
John J. Maynard (D) 1,061
Michael Buscetto III (D) 1,388
Marie Friess-McSparran (D) 974
Margaret Mary Curtin (D) 1,302


Jason L. Catala (R) 1,547
Sharon Wyatt (R) 989
Barbara R. Major (R) 1,453
Ronna K. Stuller (R/G) 1,434
Nicole T. Dallas (R) 894
Sherry Beth Pardy (R) 839
Jefferson W. Harris (R) 818
Delanna W. Muse (D) 1,115
Sherri Ruth Brooks (D) 869
Bill Morse (D) 1,597
Eliz. Garcia Gonzalez (D) 1,314
Susan Marie Connolly (D) 1,369
Louise Hanrahan (D) 1,514
Alvin G. Kinsall (D) 1,389


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