USS Miami, 140 crew members and Santa return to port

The second submarine homecoming in two days, the USS Miami and its 140 crewmen returned to port today. One extra crewman, Santa Claus, was on board to greet family and friends anxious to see their loved ones.

“It’s wonderful – it’s been so long,” said Wendy Yorges, whose husband DJ, a senior chief machinist mate, was the first person off the Miami. “He’s got a lot of ‘honey dos’ on the list.”

Married just three weeks before the Miami’s departure, Jess Lenus, 33, and Robbie Lenus, 29, of Colchester, were happy to be back together after eight months apart.

“We’ll do dinner, get ice cream, then just spend the whole night together on the couch,” Jess Lenus said. “And I’ll probably do his laundry too.”

The sub’s return was just in time for the holidays and many families were eager to start preparing for Christmas.

“Eight months of waiting was tough,” said Valerie Brevell of Groton, who was waiting for her husband, EM2 Josh Brevell. “Just having him home for Christmas and the tree, that’s great.”


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