Forum tonight focuses on budget

The state budget affects our lives more than most residents realize.

Over the last few months many lawmakers in Hartford have walked a fine line in trying to fund critical services many residents expect. More state revenue is being generated through tax increases, historic levels of borrowing have taken place and concerns over business closings and job losses among middle-class residents increases.

Unfortunately, we've seen the legislature throughout the last year favor the old tax-and-spend ideology over structural budget changes that would help job growth and usher in long-term fiscal stability and prosperity.

For example, analysts have downgraded our state's financial outlook because of our over-dependence on borrowing, new taxes and securitization against anticipated revenues.

Business as usual isn't cutting it.

It's important for Connecticut residents to understand the issues tied to the biennial budget and the consequences of decisions from the legislature. That's why I'm hosting a budget forum from 7-9
tonight in Room 335 of Norwich City Hall.

I'll describe historical trends that influenced our budget crisis, and talk about the projected deficit and our state's financial future.

Your property taxes and quality of life rides on decisions in Hartford . Please join us.

Editor's note: The writer is the state representative for Norwich, Canterbury, Scotland and Sprague.

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