Plan to poison crows will harm food chain

I read with interest Ann Baldelli's column about the Cape Cod plan to eliminate crows and save the plovers ("Crows face unnatural deselecting," Feb. 21.)

A nice idea to protect the plovers, but has anyone considered the side effects? The crows will fly off to die, and then other animals will eat the dead crows and be poisoned , and it will run down the food chain, eliminating those animals who feed on carrion.

I'm sure there are a number of animals that will suffer as a result. Man needs to learn not to interfere with nature. Many years ago, we started spraying insecticides to eliminate pests in gardens, and now we have no bees to pollinate our crops and many birds died in the process as well.

Why not offer a bounty to eliminate the crows? Then the bodies would be removed and no other animal need be affected.


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