About the series

The Thames River begins in Norwich and, 15 miles later, empties into Long Island Sound. It's very much a working river. Electricity, latex, paperboard and submarines are produced on its banks, and researchers look for the next blockbuster drug. Lumber and copper are offloaded at State Pier, barges deliver coal, and trains chug by with cargo headed for points north and south. But the sailors and stevedores share the river with recreational boaters and sightseers. A dozen marinas and yacht clubs dot the shores. Residents and tourists visit beaches, parks and two forts. Ferries are ready to take you away to three nearby islands. Cadets learn to sail here and, on a weekend every spring, the Thames hosts the country's oldest collegiate athletic competition.

The Thames is a river that helps shape our daily lives, but one we sometimes forget. This series will take you out on the river and introduce you to its people and places.


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