Punched tin lamp, $99.95

The husband is always complaining that the overhead light is too bright when he wants to sleep and I want to read at night, so it was funny that I spotted this lamp. At a little taller than a foot, this primitive lamp has a rusty, rustic finish. Willow trees and sheep are embossed in the metal and the dense shade doesn't let a lot of light filter through. With the right bulb you could easily breeze through a few chapters before turning in for the night.

Classic Country Furniture

1921 Route 32, Uncasville


Olive oil, $22.95

The owners of Bogue's Alley swear by this olive oil, Cafaggio Extra

Virgin, which they say is light and flavorful. They say the

producer, Dick Pignataro, who lives in Westerly, has property in Italy where he tends to his olive grove and brings back the oil by the case. The distinctive 28-ounce black bottles, which at first glance look like wine bottles, line a corner shelf at the take-out shop. A strategically placed, handwritten sign says it all about cheaper oils: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price."

Bogue's Alley

11 West Broad St., Pawcatuck


Roman shade, $99

Talk about an eye-catcher! This bright aqua shade with its black border is part of the Persona roller and Roman shades

collection. The folks at Marvel say the line is popular because the window coverings come in 800 solid colors and can fit a window up to 112 inches wide. The panel facing outside is always white. The

decorative border can run down one side, cover the entire panel or as shown. This

36- by 40-inch shade is light filtering, but they also come in light-blocking material for the vampires who live among us.

Marvel Home Decorating

351 North Frontage Road, New London



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