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Wrong that Foxwoods contests workers' right

It is regrettable that Foxwoods Resort Casino has decided to contest the democratically expressed right of their beverage workers to form a union under federal law. ("Tribe will contest validity of bartenders' union vote," Aug. 4). It is also not surprising. The company has repeatedly appealed rulings from the National Labor Relations Board, a tactic that helps it avoid adhering to the law.

Because Foxwoods is gaming the system, the company apparently doesn't want its workers to get ahead, or have a say over their working conditions, benefits and schedules.

Foxwoods gets away with these legal maneuvers - leaving its workers in limbo indefinitely - because it can. Until our leaders in Washington, D.C., embark on meaningful labor law reform, unscrupulous employers will continue to shirk their obligation to respect the choice of workers to organize and collectively bargain for a better life.

There are, however, plenty of employers who play by the rules and recognize that respecting and investing in their employees is good for everyone's bottom line.

Foxwoods should bet on its workers, instead of against them. Is that really so much of a gamble?

Editor's note: The writer is executive director of American Rights at Work.

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