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A season of ups and downs, but a great experience

Hey everyone!

I hope your week is going great and you are counting your blessings. :)

Right now, I am getting ready for a big game against Seattle tonight at Mohegan Sun Arena. This will be a real challenge. (Storm center) Lauren Jackson is someone I really look up to. Her dominance down low, how she can shoot from beyond the arc, and how she goes so hard on every play and works on defense, it's amazing. I'm excited to get a chance to play against someone like that.

Two days ago, we had a season ticket holder event, and it was great. I enjoyed scooping ice cream and taking pictures with our fans. We took questions at the beginning, and they were great questions. I learned a lot just listening to coach Thibault answer them. Our fans were really supportive. They understood our schedule (the team had flown in that day from Washington), and knew we were tired.

But we all wanted to go out and interact with them. I was definitely surprised that there were so many people. But then again, I know the fans of Connecticut are so supportive, and if there is an outing, they will be there for us.

On the basketball side of things I'm trying to stay positive about our season. For those who don't know, we are 14-15, and competing with Washington Mystics for the fourth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

We can only control what we do right now. If we can go 5-0 in these last five games that is great. If we don't make the playoffs, it's definitely going to be disappointing, but it's something we can learn from and take into next year. The rest of our home schedule is tough too, with games against Indiana on Sunday, and Tulsa Tuesday.

The season has gone by so fast. It seems like just the other day that I was getting drafted, and now we are getting to the end of the season. It's been a great experience. There have been ups and downs, but it has basically lived up to my expectations. The competition is amazing every night, and I am looking forward to these last five games of the regular season.

Hopefully, if we catch a few breaks, maybe there will be more than five games. Hope to see you this weekend.

Hopefully, y'all will come out to cheer us on.

I'm signing off here! :)

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