Sub base dedicates HQ building to WWII hero

Groton - The Headquarters Building at the Naval Submarine Base was dedicated in honor of the late Vice Adm. Lawson P. "Red" Ramage on Aug. 20.

Ramage was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courageous attack on a Japanese convoy while he was in command of USS Parche (SS 384) during World War II.

"It truly is a great Navy day when we can honor our legacy as well as highlight the impact we've been making for our fleet, fighters, and families," said Capt. Marc W. Denno, base commander.

Built in 1939, Building 86 was previously unnamed because of its early service as an infirmary and hospital. It was transformed after 2001 into a contemporary headquarters, telecommunications center and emergency operations center.

Ramage, who served at the base several times during his career, was last stationed in Groton as the deputy commander for the Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet. His son, James Lawson Ramage, said the base has special significance to the Ramage family since three of Red's grandchildren were born in the hospital.

Submarine veterans Bob Hall, Carl Kimmons, Ron Williams and Deen Brown also attended the ceremony since they served with Ramage.

"All I can say is having the presence of his shipmates here is such an honor. Dad would have been so proud to be remembered here today, in this way," James Ramage said.

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