Dog's rescuers cut away part of house to free animal

Stonington - Borough firefighters had to cut away a section of wall and ceiling and remove a floor joist Monday night in order to free a dog that had its head stuck in a home elevator.

It took firefighters and police an hour to remove the approximately 50-pound dog, whose head became stuck as it rode the elevator to the second floor at 1 Northwest Street. The dog rides the elevator because it is old and has problems climbing stairs, police said.

Fire Chief Jeff Hoadley said the elevator was not totally enclosed so that the dog was able to stick its head out and wedge its neck between the floor of the elevator and a side wall. The incident occurred just before 8 p.m.

Hoadley said firefighters could see the dog's head when they looked up from the first floor.

"We couldn't get her head out, and we couldn't lower the elevator without hurting her," he said. "Unfortunately we also couldn't get her out without doing a lot of damage to the house."

A veterinarian was also called to the scene. While Hoadley said the dog was traumatized, police said it did not appear to have any visible injuries. The dog was taken to the Stonington Veterinary Hospital to be examined.

"I've never seen anything like this," Hoadley said.


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