New London is living up to its potential

The wait is finally over. New London will soon have a marketing budget that will convey the good news about what is happening in this wonderful little city over the next two years. I have been watching what Mayor Rob Pero has done closely over the past year to connect the dots to promote this city.

First, he proposed the funding for events at the Parade, which drew thousands of people to the downtown and into city restaurants. Then, he organized a mayor's committee for Opsail 2012 while securing $50,000 from Gov. M. Jodi Rell to plan for this event.

Mayor Pero has now put together a plan and secured funding to market New London and its many attractions for a lead-up to Opsail 2012. I can just hear the footsteps that will be coming as result of this proposal.

I am happy to know that the city's great potential that I heard about when I first bought my home in New London is finally becoming a reality.

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