Three NL teens arrested after causing hospital disturbance

New London — Three 16-year-olds were arrested Sunday night after police said they caused a disturbance in the Emergency Room at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital.

The teenagers were charged with breach of peace, disorderly conduct and interfering with police.

Police said Lawrence & Memorial Hospital personnel notified them that three juvenile males were seeking treatment for injuries consistent with being struck with a bat.

At the time that they were notified by the hospital, police were investigating a large brawl that happened around 9 p.m. in the area of Granite and Hempstead streets.

Police said two of the teenagers arrested Sunday had also been arrested two days earlier after they were observed carrying sticks on Truman Street.

In the Sunday incident, police witnessed a large group fighting with bats and sticks.

When the brawlers saw police they fled the area. Police said several weapons were discarded at the scene, including knives, baseball bats and broom handles.

Police said the three teenagers were uncooperative at the hospital and refused to say who assaulted them or why.

They were released into the custody of their parents, according to Deputy Chief Marshall Segar. One assaulted his mother at home and was arrested again, Segar said. He was then released into the custody of a relative who was willing to care for him.

Police said Tuesday that on Friday they responded to the area of 76 Truman St. after plainclothes officers saw three juveniles - two of the 16-year-olds arrested Sunday at the hospital and a 15-year-old - carrying sticks in their hands.

Police stopped them and found a broom handle, a metal pipe and a knife.

All three were charged Friday with carrying a dangerous weapon.

All the cases have been referred to Juvenile Court. Police do not release the names of people under 18 who are arrested.

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Police said the incidents are still under investigation and they anticipate more arrests.

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