Be part of the solution to a safer New London

I read "A safer New London to be commission's goal," published Jan. 3, and was disheartened. Hardly is this a political issue. Egos and party affiliations have no place in dealing with such a profound and critical situation.

Perhaps four or five target groups of individuals, familiar with societal issues, could be formed who would comprise the task force. They would then interview and work with the community, including but not limited to, educators, parents, children, health care professionals, law enforcement, religious, dieticians and such. During this time many ideas are formulated and defined for eventual utilization.

Do some research and anyone will realize that this effort, to have a positive impact, demands the utmost organization, identification of goals, accountability and patience. It involves everyone who wants to be part of the solution, from young children to retirees who may want to give of their time, training and more to our youth.

Other cities have been faced with this in varying degrees. Through hard work they have found and formulated plans, lifted spirits in the process and realized a significant decline in crime and murder.

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