Dominion called to meeting to address errors

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will meet publicly with Dominion, the owner of Millstone Power Station, on Tuesday to address problems it is having in reviewing license amendments and other regulatory actions sought by the company.

Any time the Waterford-based owner of Millstone wants to amend its license, it provides information to the NRC that is in the public domain. Over the past several months, as the NRC and Dominion have exchanged information in rounds of questions from the federal agency, there have been errors within the licensing submittals that delay or complicate NRC reviews, said Carleen Sanders, an NRC project manager. "We're looking to understand on their end what actions they've either already taken or will be taking to improve the license submittals," Sanders said.

The meeting is informational and has no enforcement action associated with it, Sanders said. However, while these types of meetings are not unheard of, they are not standard either, she said. This meeting is a first for Millstone, she added.

Sanders declined to share specific examples of problems in advance of the meeting, but is preparing a detailed agenda, she said. The NRC will try to stick to broad, not technical issues, Sanders said.

The meeting is from 10 a.m. to noon at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md. Running the meeting is Harold K. Chernoff, chief of plant licensing, Branch 1-2, in the division of Operating Reactor Licensing within the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. The public can attend the meeting or access it remotely, Sanders said. For remote access, individuals should contact her at (301) 415-1603.


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