Tolls did not work, so let's cut the spending

"Let's have toll roads again."

Memory loss is a big thing in Connecticut. We already had tolls, remember? We created the income tax, which didn't seem to help, remember? We got money from the casinos and that didn't seem to work, either, remember?

The state has its hand in almost everything, bleeding us, and that doesn't seem to work, either, remember? The toll idea is just another way to get our money and then have the state of Connecticut overspend again, remember?

The toll idea: seen it, done it , been there. One thing we should not forget is how lawmakers seem to want more money and think the taxpayers are a bottomless pit.

One thing to remember is that we are all forced to cut back and watch our pennies, so what makes the state any different?

Cut the spending. One thing to remember in the next election is to push out the lawmakers with the short memories, such as state Sen. Edith Sprague, D-Columbia, state Rep. Antonio Guerrera, D-Rocky Hill, and other short-memoried legislators. Get some fresh thinkers in.

Hello, we tried tolls before. Try something new for a change: Cut state spending.

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