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Groton library goes high-tech to get residents' opinions

Groton - The Town Library is using new technology in an effort to gain a wider array of responses to a survey it is conducting to get residents' input on library services and materials.

Library director Betty Anne Reiter said the survey is intended to help determine whether the library is meeting community's needs, and what things it could be doing better.

Reiter said posters and other printed material promoting the survey will have a quick response (QR) code that allows anyone with a smart phone and a bar code reader application, which can be downloaded from most apps providers. Camera phones can also read QR codes, which are most often used in magazines to redirect readers to websites that have more expansive information, video or sound clips.

Reiter said she hopes the new technology will entice more young peope who use the library to take the survey. The QR code is on posters and flyers in town buildings and in the most recent Parks and Recreation Department Discover Guide. Otherwise, she said, patrons can go directly to the online at


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