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Wisconsin governor a good union organizer?

I write in response to the numerous letters attacking union workers. I am just back from Wisconsin and saw firsthand the goal of Gov. Scott Walker.

His agenda has nothing to do with concessions - the unions have already agreed to them - but is about union-busting and ending collective bargaining. He and his billionaire supporters have over-reached this time. They have energized workers from all over the world. The GOP has, however, succeeded in blaming union workers for the debacle created by the Wall Street bankers.

As the son of an IBEW union member, I was afforded health care and the ability to receive a good education. This country was built by union workers and many died for the right to bargain collectively. We see the governors in other states now starting to rethink their right-wing positions as Gov. Walker tries to calm the monster he has created.

History may show Gov. Walker as one of the best union organizers in the last 100 years.

Editor's note: The writer works for AFSCME Council 4 and represents municipal workers.

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