Neighborhood finds for your garden

Clock, $24.99

If you stare at the face long enough, you'd almost think that the timepiece is moving. I couldn't figure out if the clock runs on a battery, is solar-powered or is solely for decoration. And I really don't care.

The clock makes me think of a Victorian garden trellis and creepy Ivy and fuzzy moss growing over a crumbling stone wall ... OK, sorry, maybe that was in a book I read. But no matter, this piece is worth having.



-Katrina T. Gathers

Dragonfly, $4.99

Here's some advice: When you are searching for interesting garden decorations, leave your wallet in the car. That way, you won't be tempted to buy anything. And if you don't want to buy something, you'll have to walk all the way out to the car and then back into the store, and hopefully by then, the novelty will have worn off.

Well it didn't. Not in this case. It's on my back seat. It's going in the garden. Hope the dog is afraid of it.


40 Boston Post Road, Waterford


-Katrina T. Gathers

Watering can, $19.99

What's not to love about hot pink and neon orange?

This can is functional 'cause it holds a boatload of water, which cuts down on trips to the spigot, but is also amazingly pretty. You kind of don't want it to get exposed to the elements, for fear of tarnishing it.

Oh, the price of beauty.


351 North Frontage Road, New London


-Katrina T. Gathers

Little chick, $10

It may be a blustery 40 out today, but as I approach Garden Specialties, I imagine lounging in an Adirondack chair, surrounded by clouds of Hydrangeas sipping on freshly-made mint lemonade (spiked perhaps?) with this little guy next to me.

The sound of wind chimes never fails to take me away and the giant wind chime just outside the store's entrance has an even more powerful effect. I would love to take it home, but this adorable little chick will suffice. I mean, just look at that face!

Garden Specialties

Home, Garden & Gifts

27 Coogan Boulevard

Olde Mistick Village

Building 8e, Mystic


-Kara T. Walters

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