New London grads ready to write next chapter

Takiyah Bostick, left, a member of the New London High School Class of 2011, receives a hug from her mother Audrey Sewer, who sheds a few tears in the process, during Monday's commencement exercises at Connecticut College in New London.
Takiyah Bostick, left, a member of the New London High School Class of 2011, receives a hug from her mother Audrey Sewer, who sheds a few tears in the process, during Monday's commencement exercises at Connecticut College in New London.

New London - Tiana Victoria Hercules took the podium on the green at Connecticut College Monday night and offered the soon-to-be-graduates of New London High School her take on their futures.

"By growing up in this community, each of you has a unique perspective to offer the world," said Hercules, the guest speaker and a 2000 graduate of New London High. "The question is: What will your story be?"

That may take a few years to determine, but one thing was certain for nearly 200 students on Monday night: The next chapter of their lives will start with a diploma from New London High.

The Class of 2011 was honored in a commencement ceremony that featured plenty of powerful cheers for graduates and even a few air-horn salutes.

The evening started with a processional from the New London High band, under the lead of Director Scott Morgan, and soon Principal William Tommy Thompson III addressed the crowd. He encouraged members of the audience to make sure their friends in Montville and Waterford would hear them cheering loudly.

Then John Diaz-Saez, the class president, and Ami Dhyani and Joshua Giambra, the class speakers, addressed their fellow students, parents and other supporters.

Diaz-Saez ended his remarks with a quote from an anonymous source, saying, "May the dreams of your past be the realities of your future." Giambra, the class valedictorian, referenced his fellow classmates in saying he would be accompanied by many "noteworthy individuals" in the future.

Dhyani said the class of 2011 would be linked forever.

"Even though we've changed and we're finding our own places in the world, when tears fall and smiles spread across our faces, we'll come to each other," Dhyani said.

Hercules, the guest speaker, followed up the student speakers and spoke of her early life in New London public schools. The eldest of nine children, she eventually became a lawyer for Medicare Advocacy Inc., and now helps the elderly and impoverished in her work.

Superintendent of Schools Nicholas A. Fischer and New London Board of Education President Alvin G. Kinsall followed with some brief comments before students lined up for their diplomas.

Once every student had made their way to the stage, Thompson instructed the class to turn the tassels on their graduation caps.

A few moments later, confetti and several caps hit the air. One read: "I did it."

The same could be said for all the students in the Class of 2011.



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