State to wait until zoning decision to close on Seaside

A spokesman for the state Department of Public Works said today that the state will wait until the Waterford Planning and Zoning Commission rules on zoning amendments sought by former Seaside Regional Center developer Mark Steiner before it closes on the property.

Steiner was scheduled today to pay the state $8 million for the 32-acre former facility for the mentally retarded that he plans to turn into luxury condominiums.

 “We will seek to close on the property after it goes through planning and zoning at the local level,” said DPW spokesman Jeffery R. Beckham. “Once Mr. Steiner has obtained approval we would schedule a closing date.”

The zoning commission has held two public hearings on proposed changes to the Seaside zone, which would remove the provision that Steiner build housing restricted to people aged 55 years and older and insert language that would allow the demolition of one or more of the historic buildings on the site.

Steiner has said the project would not be feasible without the zone changes.

Beckham said that if Steiner does not obtain the zone changes he would not be under any obligation to buy the property.

The public hearing on the zone changes will continue on July 11.


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