Man who was shot by police charged in NL

Armed with an unloaded BB gun, 49-year-old Kevin Kenny called in a false report of a shooting to New London Police on May 28 and waited for them to arrive and kill him, according to an arrest warrant affidavit released today.

“I’m the guy you’re looking for,” he said as police officers arrived at his apartment at 1110 Ocean Avenue.

Kenny, who was shot that day by three officers, has since been released from the hospital. He was charged today with second-degree threatening, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, misuse of 911 and second-degree falsely reporting an incident.

Police obtained the arrest warrant June 21 but were unable to serve it immediately since Kenny was in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Kenny appeared in court this morning and was released on a written promise to appear in court again on July 19.

According to the warrant, Kenny called 911 at 8:02 p.m. to report that a woman had been shot at his apartment building and was lying in a pool of blood in the hallway. He went on to provide a description similar to his own of the shooter, who he said was still in the hallway.

Arriving at the scene, officers saw Kenny standing on the front walkway and identified him as a possible suspect, the warrant affidavit says. As officers Timothy Henderson and Justin Clachrie approached him, Kenny had his arms crossed across his chest and his right hand inside of his jacket and told police he was the shooter.

The officers said Kenny pulled both of his hands out of his jacket and had a black handgun in his right hand. He pointed the gun at Henderson and refused his order to “Drop your gun.” Clachrie shot Kenny with his department-issued Glock 22 handgun, “while in fear that officer Henderson was about to be shot,” the warrant says. Henderson and officer John Michaud also fired at Kenny until he fell to the ground.

Kenny immediately began apologizing to the officers for “making them do this,” according to the affidavit.  Interviewed a day later at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Kenny told police he had been trying to kill himself but he could not do it. He said he has been treated for schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, extreme nervous disorder and depression. He said he had been hearing voices for the past year and a half and despite taking his medications and had become depressed.

“He finally decided to have a police officer shoot him, after hearing that this was a common way for people to kill themselves,” the affidavit says. He purchased a BB gun at Wal-Mart in March of 2011, but told police he did not purchase any ammunition for the gun “because it was going to be a prop.” Immediately after being shot, he said he believed that his plan had worked.

The three officers were placed on paid administrative leave immediately after the incident. They returned to administrative duty several days later and have since been returned to full duty. The incident was investigated internally and by the New London State’s Attorney’s office.



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