Real Estate Transactions for July 21


6 Fife Court: Robert J. and Karolyn D. Degrand to Shawn and Alyssa Atkinson, $317,000 on June 20

3 Scholes Lane: Robert C. Scholes to Peckboys, LLC, $455,000 on June 24

24 Stanford Hill Road: Dennis J. and Karan A. Dowd to Richard L. and Patricia S. Mather, $452,000 on June 23


68 Devonshire Lane: Kevin J. Dyer and Barbara L. Greenspan to Shawn M. and Stephaine E. Clark, $452,500 on June 14

Durham Road: Denise S. Smith and Cynthia S. Hayden to BJG Construction, $325,000 on June 17

30 Lake Drive: Susan M. Asermely to Anthony J. and Kathleen M. Giannone, $338,000 on June 13

125 Legend Hill Road Unit 125: Rosemarie and Linda Senatore to Melvin E. Satterburg, $330,000 on June 15

87 Madison Springs Drive: Richard J. Piscatelli to Christopher E. Gavin and Jaimee Defranza, $670,000 on June 15

66 Mendingwall Circle: John J. and Jean A. English to Hadar Call, $358,500 on June 15

86 Overbrook Road: John R. Bashaw to Stuart M. Johnson and Heather J. Conder-Johnson, $425,000 on June 17

30 Summer Hill Road: Suzy Dalton-Songenberg to Henry Pildner, Jr. and Patricia C. Pildner, $685,000 on June 13


20 7th Avenue: Donna J. and Robert A. Schwartz to James H. Mendillo, $300,000 on June 22

25 Florence Road, Unit 79: Kristen L. Albis to John F. Albis, $148,000 on June 23

13 Hotchkiss Grove Road: Adelbert C. and Dorothy A. Mautte to Pengguang Yu, $330,000 on June 22

233 Monticello Drive, Unit 233: John and Laura Baldetti to Seth Boutin, $150,000 on June 24

82 Montoya Drive, Unit 82: Jason and Katrina Engelhardt to Shauna R. Sardi, $167,000 on June 22

40 Westwood Road: Russell S. and Roseanne B. Holliday to Paul Mendoza, $223,000 on June 24

East Haven

27 Highland Avenue: FNMA to Deepak Dadlani, $135,000 on June 2

6 Lynn Court: Albert Godlewski to P&P Home Solutions, $70,000 on June 20

6 Lynn Court: Patricia Godlewski to Albert Godlewski, $45,000 on June 20

75 Redwood Drive, Unit 610: Shaher W. and Irm Khan to James V. and Susan F. Decicco, $149,900 on June 22

46 Sanford Street: USA HUD to Adolon Truge and Juliana Vrekaj, $122,500 on June 24

187 Short Beach Road: Lisa Milano and Citimortgage, Inc. to Citimortgage, Inc., $124,497 on June 17

13 Stevens Street: Richard Foti to Stephen E. Tommesselli and Eleanor Tommesselli, $164,900 on June 20

5 Summit Avenue: Robert L. and Sally-Anne Young to Anthony J. Deko and Sarah E. Edwards, $240,000 on June 20

29 Union Avenue: Anna Ferraro to Deborah Maselli, $130,000 on June 17


157 Schoolside Lane: Giana P. Cusanelli to Michael and Julie Cleary, $465,000 on June 17

15 Stony Hill Road: Michael R. Azano and Jorge A. Macias to Scott A. Holley and Doerthe Juelich, $650,000 on June 14

75 Tupelo Lane: Deborah Robbins to Glen Greenberg, $815,000 on June 13

431 Vineyard Point Road: John F. and Mary E. Wilbur to Derek Steinbacher, $672,500 on June 17

1275 West Street: Kathryn B. Newton to William J. and Laura B. Obrien, $375,000 on June 15

North Branford

229 Branford Road, Unit 205: Susan Lyke to Frank Barucci, $110,000 on June 1

7 Clear Lake Road: Bertha Burrone and Grace B. Gruber to Jennifer A. Rohrer, $230,000 on June 1

224 Foxon Road, Lot 7c: Leon and Maryjane Roy to John M. Navrotsky, $37,500 on June 1

174 Sea Hill Road: Peter Kruglik to Richard J. and Christal M. Esposito, $328,000 on June 1

North Haven

24 Belvedere Road: Kenneth R. Riordan to Donald R. and Lisa L. Riordan, $88,000 on June 24

98 Bradley Street: Charloette Shea to Matthew R. Hazelton, $278,000 on June 20

29 Buell Street: Randolph Virginia Est and Robert E. Sutton to Sorrentino Properties, $112,000 on June 24

175 Garfield Avenue: Leonard R. Marlonis and Cheryl Defilippo to Patrick J. and Maureen A. Cannon, $199,900 on June 20

2 Maplecrest Lane: Elizabeth C. Gumbert to Sally Muramatso-Moffat and Nicholas A. Moffat, $360,000 on June 24

123 Mill Road: Barbashalberta East Est and Robert M. Brunelle to Justin Ranciato, $120,000 on June 20

13 North Avenue: Elvira Cherno to Citimortgage, Inc., $1 on June 23

28 Pool Road: WDI RE LLC to Timothy J. and Marisa Ferrucci, $347,900 on June 21

26 Randall Drive: Janie Ouellette to John D. Votto, $265,000 on June 22

1821 Ridge Road: Eleanor A. Marsoli to Robert A. and Kristin C. Marsoli, $425,000 on June 20

50 Summer Lane: Deborah A. Rossi to Michael Stellato, $480,000 on June 20

2 Virginia Road: Richard Zona to Michael J. and Allison D. Zona, $240,000 on June 23


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