Ferry service not just an 'idle luxury'

The Day's editorial staff seems quick to make value judgments concerning the importance of various state employees' jobs. I refer to the editorial that calls the Hadlyme to Chester ferry service an idle luxury ("Long service by river ferries has run its course," July 18).

How dare the Day make such value judgments and then cut off any thought of further discussion by insinuating that the cutting of all positions could be debated so therefore none should be debated?

I have ridden the Selden III (the actual name of the ferry and not the geography of its route) for more than 50 years and have always found the crew to be pleasant and helpful in more ways than simply getting me from point A to B. The same cannot be said of other state employees.

The Selden III is not an "idle luxury" if you live in the lower Connecticut River Valley but is instead an important link in our transportation network. To stop services would be an economic blow to businesses on both sides of the river.

I have known for several years that the government in Hartford does not care about the lower Connecticut River Valley and now, apparently, neither does The Day.


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