Mystic Ballet owner gets permits for classrooms attached to home

Mystic - Two months ago, the Stonington Zoning Board of Appeals revoked the permit that Zoning Enforcement Officer Joe Larkin had issued to Mystic Ballet owner Goran Subotic. Subotic wanted to place two portable classrooms on property he owns at 93 Hewitt Road.

The board's decision came after neighbors complained about the classrooms and urged the board to revoke the permit.

Subotic filed an appeal of the board's decision and said he was looking into his options.

He's found one.

Over the past few weeks, Larkin and Building Official Wayne Greene have issued permits to Subotic to attach the two classroom buildings to the home on the property to form one large house. Renderings show that one of the classrooms would now have a second story where one does not exist now.

But Hewitt Road neighbor Nancy Bestwick has filed an appeal with the ZBA asking it to revoke the new permit issued by Larkin for the reasons it overturned the first one.

Subotic, who had proceeded earlier this year with the project, declined to comment Thursday about his plans or if he would proceed with the new work. The ZBA will schedule a public hearing on Bestwick's application.

Larkin's new permit allows two additions totaling 1,893 square feet and the removal of a 396-square-foot garage. The buildings also must comply with flood hazard requirements.

The building permit states that the two storage buildings would be an addition to the existing home and would create additional storage and living space.

Subotic, whose ballet members live in the house, has said in the past the classrooms would be used to store expensive costumes in climate-controlled conditions.

At a public hearing in June, residents said the classrooms should be removed because they violate zoning regulations concerning accessory uses and neighborhood character. The ZBA agreed. Some neighbors also said that the classrooms would lower property values.

The first permit Larkin issued to Subotic allowed him to replace a 144-square-foot shed with classrooms of 900 and 600 square feet, respectively.


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