Property transactions - Sept. 9, 2011


19 Brainard Rd: Swick, Andrew to Ochsner, Todd J & Ochsner, Anne E, $440,000.

58 Giants Neck Rd: Castro, Jose & Perez, Wendy to Darrow, Regina M & Darrow, Elizabeth B, $163,000.

22 Attawan Rd: McPartland, Mark Owen to Miceli, Jeffrey J & Miceli, Lisa G, $330,000.

461 Main St: Dittner, Eric & Dittner, Michele L to 694 North Colony Rlty LLC, $280,000.

10 N Ledge Rock Rd: Thomas, Iva P to Donovan, Melissa A & Donovan, Sean P, $285,000.

32 Upper Pattagansett Rd #27: Kidd, Theodore R to Huska, Donna J & Huska, Regenold L, $180,000.

16 Cedarbrook Ln: Hunt, Raymond & Hunt, Maureen to Signs, Cameron & Signs, Shannon, $348,500.

54 S Beechwood Rd: National Residential NT to Saia, David P & Saia, Heather L, $330,000.

1 Apple Blossom Ln #1: Peterson, Ted L & Peterson, Barbara A to Couture, Patricia, $294,500.

10 Compass Ct #10: Schuma, Richard to Rosen, Jacob J & Rosen, Alvaretta J, $430,000.

Giants Neck Rd: Burns, Matthew J & Magnuson, Kelly S to Natl Residentil NT Servic, $330,000.


14 McCrackan Rd: Moore, Roger E to Garand, Laura & Garand, David, $130,000.


232 H St: Stafford, Kirk P to Decosta, Kenneth M, $13,000.

1784 Gold Star Hwy: Household Realty Corp to Fletcher, Robert, $130,000.

88 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Heidler, George A & Chapman, Catherine N to Johnson, Bonde E, $180,000.


Lakeside Dr: Morrissette, MaryLou to Dillman, Emily B, $46,930.

104 Deepwood Dr: Dougan, Roger W & Dougan, Catherine B to Miner, Alden & Miner, Linda, $225,000.

282 Exeter Rd: Gantick, Adam A & Gantick, Virginia M to Tuttle, Kelly, $169,000.

E Hebron Tpke: Cushman, Nathan R to State of Connecticut, $815,589.


Avery Hill Rd #38: Lee, Charlene N & Lee, Darwin V to Prudential Relocation Inc, $297,250.

23 Chidley Way: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Hornung, Jaclyn E & Hornung, Christopher L, $345,000.

12 Cliff Rd: Garden Homes Mgmt Corp to Shahan, Barbara, $154,800.

7 Cliff Rd: Garden Homes Mgmt Corp to Jerbert, Sandra, $140,450.

1 August Mdws: Ono, David Y to McCalla, Carlo C, $480,000.

24 Ferry View Dr: Beam, John D & Eleason-Beam, Paige N to Grace, Todd Mattthew & Todd, Renee Elizabeth, $213,000.

20 Village Dr: Haffey, Catherine F to Priest, Jared I & Priest, Joanna S, $189,000.

8 Lakeside Dr #J: Hennessey, Mary E to Johnson, Monique, $114,800.

56 Pheasant Run Dr: McGhee, Paul G & McGhee, Wendy K to Kulterman, Sandra K & Kulterman, Timothy W, $255,000.

58 Pheasant Run Dr: Posis, Alfredo R & Posis, Lalaine R to Chelsea Groton Bank, $1.

26 Chriswood Trce: Tomaras, Andrew Peter & Brannock-Tomaras, Jill M to Prudential Relocation Inc, $285,000.

353 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Cannamela, Mario P to Wilcome, Casundra H & Wilcome, Luke A, $225,000.


45 Oak Hill Rd: Santos, Paul F to Stevens, Kelly A, $210,000.

7 Maine Ct: Ramsey Geraldine Est & Eicholz, John to BP Investments LLC, $95,000.

28 Daisy Hill Rd: Ward, Kevin I & Ward, Jessica I to Prudential Relocation Inc, $280,000.


184 Pequot Ave #205: Pabst, Brandon A to Prudential Relocation Inc, $90,000.

26 Hillside Rd: Humphreville Joan P Est & Humphreville, John E to Foster, Stephen & Milman, Estera, $515,000.

1000 Ocean Ave: Milman, Estera & Foster, Stephen C to Haddad, David S, $1,100,000.

30 Admiral Dr: Prokesch Clemens E Est & Prokesch, Richard C to Seidel, Jeffrey R & Seidel, Bathany R F, $250,000.

26 Willetts Ave: Gregory Prop Mgmt LLC to James, Joyann L, $60,000.

62 Hempstead St: Eckhouse, Judith to DeLaurentis, Michael D, $40,000.

55 Eastern Ave: Epright David M Est & Tkacz, Nandy to Rozwadowski, Helen, $140,000.


146 Saint Regis Ave: Trianon Group LLC to Saint Regis Avenue LLC, $112,500.

1 Woodmansee Ave: Moland, Mark G & Moland, Shana L to Anctil, Claire & Hall, Matthew, $130,000.

10 Caribou Dr: King, Sheri to Ramos, Ray Christopher A, $203,000.

213 W Town St #H39: Milewski John J Est & Milewski, Matthew W to Doyle, Theresa A, $110,000.

3 Aqueduct St: Almonte, Eddy to Graziosi, Arline F & Graziosi, Thomas A, $70,000.

251 Harland Rd: Nadolny, Vincent J & Chimenti, Barbara Jo to Stone, Dianne L, $150,000.

35 Great Plain Rd: USA HUD to Chen, James, $66,700.

555 N Main St: Bayview Loan Svcng LLC to 555 North Main LLC, $50,000.

142 S 2nd Ave: Trianon Group LLC to Cow Hill LLC, $37,500.

40 Terrace Ave: Trianon Group LLC to Cow Hill LLC, $37,500.

59 S 4th Ave: Trianon Group LLC to Cow Hill LLC, $37,500.


55 Erin Dr: JAYCO Homes LLC to Ziemieski, Edward A & Ziemieski, Julia M, $79,900.

33 High Meadow Dr: McElroy, Kimberly L to Ford, Autumn D & Ford, Brett J, $227,000.

125 Cemetery Rd: Pond View Apts Ltd to Windham Realty LLC, $1,475,000.

29 Marie St: Frazier, Sharon & Frazier, Melville to CHFA, $1.

223 Pickett Rd: Bessette Beatrice I Est & Bessette, Robert E to Bessette, Robert E, $170,000.

5 Fernwood St: Braunstein, Matthew to Smith, David & Dawood, Danielle, $134,000.

21 Connecticut Dr: Akausch & Sons LLC to Perry, Sean & Perry, Kimberly, $96,000.

389 Green Hollow Rd: Bank of America NA to Cadieux, Joseph, $64,300.

91 Green Hollow Rd: Urban, William J & Urban, Patricia A to Hurley, Michael S & Hurley, Cheryl A, $180,000.

23 Ruth Dr: Taylor, Judith A to Dubenetsky, Eric, $175,000.

167 Prospect St: Howard Sandra L Est & Shaw, Bethany to Fafard, Bernard, $114,000.

4 Community Ave: Kvist, Kristen S to Bradley, Melissa, $105,000.

115 Lake St: BT Electric LLC to Withrow, Jason P, $150,000.

Bishop Crossing Rd: Andrew S Melady Jr T & Novak, Anthony S to Patriot Props LLC, $2,100.


58 Stillman Ave: Emilio, Albert P to Homst, Keenan M, $210,000.

5 Carriage Dr: Rodearmel, John E to Bowyer, Paul I & Bowyer, Maryann E, $210,000.

7 Canary St: Oliverio, Marie A to Willner, Debra L, $165,000.

78 River Rd: Scripps, Steven A & Scripps, Pamela A to Getz, Malcolm C & Lopriore, Jean M, $320,000.

284 N Stonington Rd: Fyfe, Chylar B to McAndrew, Donanova M, $279,000.


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