'Little Pink House’ to be a Lifetime Channel Movie

"Little Pink House," the 2009 book about New London's Fort Trumbull neighborhood, the U.S. Supreme Court and eminent domain, will be made into a movie, with Brooke Shields playing the role of embattled house owner Susette Kelo.

The book's author, Jeff Benedict, confirmed Saturday that the movie will be made by the Lifetime channel.

The first time he met her, Benedict relates in an email, Kelo "took me on a walking tour of what used to be her neighborhood. It was almost dark by that time. But that's when I saw past the book to the movie. Witnessing piles of splintered lumber and crumbled brick did it to me. That rubble used to be walls and floors and ceilings."

Benedict said his publisher, Grand Central Publishing, will announce the deal Monday.


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