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Voting districts should be left to neutral party

Political parties should be barred from creating voting districts.

Every elected person should be barred from participation in the process of creating voting districts.

Creating voting districts should be the task of a neutral body, such as the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau, or some other neutral body, should use a balanced, neutral process to create the fairest voting districts for every city, county, state and other political unit. District boundaries should be published by Feb. 28 of the relevant election year.

Insofar as this goes against past American political traditions, which tolerated gross and corrupt gerrymandering, "We the people" should direct the president and the Congress to make the necessary changes, even to the extent of a constitutional amendment, to give the task of districting to the Census Bureau, or some other neutral body, and remove all political parties, politicians and elected officials from the districting process.

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