Robert M. Pero

Party affiliation: Republican

Are you an incumbent for this seat? no

Campaign website:

Education/degrees: Bachelors Degree Political Science/Public Policy
Associates Degree Criminal Justice

Occupation: Special Investigator Dept. of Consumer Protection

Civic involvement: City Councillor - 16 years
New London Lions Club
Board of Directors Lyman Allyn Museum
Former Basketball Coach St. Josephs School - 15 years
New London Recreational Soccer Coach - 2 years
Chairman of New London Transportation Committee - 12 years


Previous offices held and other government service: Chairman City Council Finance Committee - 10 years
Former Chairman Board of Tax Review

What are the major issues for your town? Education:
Education is critical. As mayor I will:
1. Work to attract talented administrators who will be dedicated to New London
2. As an ex-officio member of the BOE I will attend meetings and suggest initiatives
3. Help define the role of BOE and the Superintendent - strengthen the BOE
4. Encourage greater participation by our dedicated teachers
5.Combat discipline problems in our schools by outlining behavioral guidelines and prescribing appropriate remedies.
6.Strengthen the City's oversight of the education budget, not only the $40M appropriated, but the $10M in grants
7. Take strong action to improve Math and Reading scores
8. Address the need for more social workers in the system to help distressed families
9. Merge accounting, finance, and legal functions with the city government providing savings to the BOE budget
10. Work to promote additional pre-school programs
11. Implement a mentoring program for high school students

As finance chairmen of the council over the last two years, I led the council in reducing taxes last year and keeping taxes stable this year. As Mayor I pledge to not increase taxes in my first two years. Keeping New London affordable is a key to attracting and maintaining businesses and jobs. I will continue to budget for additional reduction of taxes for senior citizens participating in the circuit breaker program. My first two budgets will also include implementation of a pilot program for a voluntary work program for elderly tax relief for New London's senior citizens. This new program will provide additional relief for seniors by offering them the option to work for the city, or a local non-profit, in return for up to $500 off on their property taxes. While I have worked to support the reduction of the expenditure side of the budget, I will work to increase the city's grand list each year over the next four years by making New London a place where more people want to live and work.

Public Safety:
Public Safety is my highest priority. As mayor I will aggressively support:
1. Crime Mapping with follow up police patrols
2. More police walking beats
3. A Police Code of Conduct
4. Community awareness and organized response
5. Property blight removal

What makes you the best candidate for this office? I am running for Mayor of New London because we have an unprecedented opportunity in this election to steer our city in a positive, proactive direction, by electing a strong mayor who has the vision and experience to build on our City's fundamental strengths.

My family and I have lived, worked and volunteered in New London all our lives. I have served on the New London City Council for 15 years, and as mayor this past term. During this past year as mayor, I worked successfully with community leaders and together we launched many initiatives that created economic momentum in our community.

What was the last book you read, and what did you think of it? The last major book that I read was Rudy. The book was a great read on how Rudy Guiliani made governing decisions in the City of New York. Of particular interest was a chapter about achieving small victories in order to shape better overall policies for the city; much like I have worked for positive change in New London.



Address: 12 Harbor Lane, New London, CT 06320

Marital Status/Children: Married/3 Children

Age on Election Day: 42


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