We need common-sense gun control laws

Regarding The Day's editorial, "Laws value 'rights' of gun owners more than lives," (Oct. 23), what do we need to pass effective gun-control laws? Politicians with common sense.

The people listed in the editorial are not representative of gun owners nationwide; they are criminals plain and simple. Law-abiding gun owners in this country get associated with them by people (mostly radical liberals) who want only to push their ban-all-guns-from-everybody agenda.

Gun-free places only serve to endanger the law-abiding. Ask the 57 people Seung-Hui Cho shot a Virginia Tech if they are glad they were unarmed. He had been caught peeking up women's skirts trying to take pictures during class. Was he arrested, expelled, or even suspended? No. If you punish someone you might hurt their feelings.

Get rid of laws that do no good. Pass laws that make sense. Stop harassing the honest citizens. And make examples out of people who commit acts of violence.

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