Familiar face returning to City Hall in New London

New London Mayor-elect Daryl Justin Finizio introduces his chief of staff, former City Councilor Jane Glover, during a press conference Monday at City Hall.
New London Mayor-elect Daryl Justin Finizio introduces his chief of staff, former City Councilor Jane Glover, during a press conference Monday at City Hall.

New London - Mayor-elect Daryl J. Finizio made his first major appointment Monday, selecting former city councilor Jane Glover as his chief administrative officer.

Glover will leave her job as executive director of the Kente Cultural Center to join Finizio's administration. She previously was the children's librarian in Groton and had served as the state president of the Connecticut Education Association.

Finizio, who will be sworn in Dec. 5 as the city's first elected mayor in 90 years, made the announcement in the foyer of City Hall before about 15 people, including several incoming and outgoing city councilors.

"I am very pleased to have found someone ... who has the multi-talents that we would look for in an ideal candidate for this position," Finizio said, adding that Glover has experience in lobbying and grant writing.

Finizio touted Glover's knowledge and experience within the city. He said she possesses a wealth of knowledge about the city's diverse communities as well as its political history. Glover served three terms as the city's ceremonial mayor.

"Being a lawyer, and having a master's in public administration, I was looking for someone who had the abilities, the depth of knowledge and the experience in the City of New London that could complement the skills I believe I bring to the mayor's office, in the roll of chief of staff," Finizio said.

"I am truly humbled by this appointment," Glover said. "The mayor is totally correct. Those of you who have known me for a long time in the political field know that I believe in inclusion. I try to treat everyone equal and fair. So this is truly a wonderful opportunity."

Glover said she is not sure of her salary. She said Finizio was concerned that some loose ends, such as that, were not in place in time for the announcement, but Glover reassured him.

"I told Daryl I would take the job," she said. "I knew I was taking the job."

City Councilor Wade Hyslop, who was in the audience, said Glover was a wise choice for the position.

"She certainly has the experience and the integrity for the job," he said. "And the mayor is holding true to what he said. He's keeping in mind what New London looks like as he builds his staff. It's not business as usual."

Glover said sometimes people are asked to serve and they decline.

"I can't do that, that's not who I am," she said. "When asked to serve, you should serve."

She said she is not only representing the mayor but also will stand as a visual example to young people, "so they can know that they too, in 10, 20 or 30 years, could stand here."

"I look at it as an honor to help the mayor institute his policies and good change for the City of New London," she said.

Glover and Finizio said they share progressive policies and viewpoints on policy and management. They said they would ensure that people receive quality service and that city employees maintain high ethical standards.

Glover will commence her duties from afar. Finizio said he made the announcement Monday because Glover is headed to Georgia for a two-week vacation.

Finizio said Glover was his first choice for the position. He said he sought her out even before the September primary in which he captured the Democratic nomination. He said he hadn't give much thought to a second choice.

Glover said she scrutinized him as well, when he came calling.

"He got straight A's," she said. "He keeps his promises. He didn't back-pedal. He followed through on everything he told me, and he was persistent. He called me out of retirement and got me back into government."



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